Massage Services

Swedish Massage

A collection of techniques designed to relax muscles, usually long, slow strokes, generally light to medium pressure used on only the most superficial layer of the muscles. It increases circulation, helps remove toxins from the body while supporting the immune system.

Deep Tissue

A more focused massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and connective tissue. Generally more intense with medium to firm pressure. Some soreness may be experienced the next day due to the level at which tension and knots are worked out.

Combo Massage

A combination of Swedish, and Deep Tissue massage strokes. The deeper muscle work will be performed where your body has more tension and muscle tightness.

Hot Stone massage

Warm stones are placed on various points of the body providing deep soothing relief to muscles. The stones are also used while applying Swedish type massage strokes to the body. Very relaxing and soothing.

Pregnancy Massage

Using gentle relaxing strokes this massage is aimed at reducing anxiety, enhancing circulation, relieving joint pain as well as muscle aches. It assists the lymphatic system in removing toxins and fluids thus helping to reduce swelling (edema) that is common in pregnancy.

Chair Massage

A brief bodywork session done in a portable massage chair that the client leans forward in, resting the head on a face cradle. You are fully clothed. Focus in on the head, neck, shoulder, and lower back areas of the body.

Head, Neck, Feet Massage

Fully clothed, seated in a comfortable chair with feet up, the therapist will give you a head, neck, upper shoulder, and feet massage. Medium pressure.