Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup services are performed by Jane Muthart, formerly at the Polished Image Day Spa. Appointments can be booked through the front desk at Massage Yuma. (928) 782-1106

Softap™ Permanent Make Up

The Softap™ technique is a manual method of inserting pigment into the skin. Softap™ is a very controlled, gentle and safe technique compared to other methods. This is the most gentle and comfortable permanent make up procedure and it looks the most natural. With the Softap™ technique, individual fine hairs can be easily and artistically drawn on. The final look is natural, soft, powdery, and subtle.

Procedure - Application

We will consult with you in terms of the look you want to achieve. Together we will decide on shape and color.

An outline of what you would like is drawn on the face using non-permanent make-up.

The treatment is performed using a topical anesthetic.

Procedures normally take one to one and one-half hours.

A follow up visit will be required in about 3 to 4 weeks time.


  1. What credentials or training does the technician or instructor have?
  2. Do they have verifiable references?
  3. Do they participate in ongoing training and education?
  4. Are they associated with any professional organization?
  5. Do they provide comprehensive consultation that includes shaping, color selection and pre and post procedures?
  6. Are tools 100% disposable or autoclaved according to OSHA?
  7. If a Rotary machine is used, is it the kind that can be sanitized properly?
  8. Are procedures done in a clinical and sanitary environment?

Advantages Of The Softap™ Method

It Is A Hand (Not Machine) Method:

  • precise placing of pigment
  • faster healing time
  • less discomfort than with a machine

It Is Safe:

  • only disposable needles & implements used
  • one use pigment with inorganic ingredients
  • applied in a clean and sterile environment

Natural Colors:

  • Softap™ colors look natural
  • They are thick, rich and creamy
  • 52 fabulous colors to choose from
  • Including 20 different browns

Professionally Trained Technicians